Vol I: Introduction

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Welcome to the definitive entry-level guide to a career in production. For some of you, this is the start of your journey into the working world; for others, it is a big career change to follow your passion. Either way, I will attempt to demystify the production industry and set you up for success!

What qualifies me to give you advice? Glad you asked! Over the last eight years I have worked on hundreds of photo and motion shoots for clients like Perry Ellis, Nike Swim, A&E / Lifetime Networks and Elle Magazine. And, like you, I started off as a Production Assistant and worked my way up to Senior Production Coordinator, Line Producer and On-Set Producer. The struggle was real and I know it well. In this series, you’ll learn what I learned through lots of trial and error / successes and failures.

I’ve broken down this guide into several, easily digestible chunks. While you don’t have to read these in any particular order, they are laid out somewhat progressively.

As always, I encourage active engagement with my posts. If you have anything to add that might help others navigate this topic, please feel free to leave Your Two Bytes in the comments section!

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