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Disclaimer: This production rate calculator is designed to calculate hourly rates and should be used as a guide only. Please double check results. This tool does not warrant any official or legal validity in any capacity and should not be treated as such. Thank you.

Hourly & Overtime Production Rate Calculator

As a Producer, you have to be very comfortable with numbers – especially financial ones. A common mistake I see a lot is the calculation of hourly rates. Productions are generally based on either a 10 or 12 hour day. So, to find your hourly rate, you just divide your negotiated day rate by the number of hours, right? WRONG! This type of calculation, while advantageous for the crew, will cost the Producer extra money.

In most States, overtime begins after 8 hours of work in a day. Since most jobs will be based on 10 or 12 hours, overtime has to be built into the rate. Because of this, you simply cannot divide your rate by the negotiated hours per day. You have to use the following formula:

z = 8x + (1.5x * (y – 8))

| y = negotiated hours | z = dayRate | and X is your true hourly rate


Let’s say you’re a hair stylist who has been hired for a project. Your rate is $800/day based on a 10 hour day. How would you figure out your hourly rate and any overage rates exceeding 10 hours?
Wrong Way

  • Base: $800 / 10 hours = $80 / hour
  • OT after 10 and before 12 hours: $80 * 1.5 = $120 / hour
  • Double-time after 12 and before 16 hours: $80 * 2 = $160 / hour
  • Triple-time after 16 hours: $80 * 3 = $240 / hour
Right Way

  • Base: $800 = 8x + (1.5 * 2x) –> $72.73 / hour
  • OT after 10 and before 12 hours: $72.73 * 1.5 = $109.09 / hour
  • Double-time after 12 and before 16 hours: $72.73 * 2 = $145.45 / hour
  • Triple-time after 16 hours: $72.73 * 3 = $218.19 / hour

As you can see in the above scenarios, calculating hourly rate the right way will save your production tons of money when multiplied by the number of personnel on set! Be aware that much of your crew will calculate any overages the incorrect way (either knowingly or out of ignorance). It is always good practice to make their hourly rates and rate breakdown very clear within their deal memos.

The Production Rate Calculator

Instructions: Simply enter the following:

  • Day Rate: the amount negotiated per day
  • Actual Hours Worked: Total hours worked on one day (including negotiated hours)
  • Negotiated Hours: All productions will be based on a specific number of hours per day (usually 10 or 12 hour days). Enter that number here.
  • Press Enter or the Calculate button

NOTE: Your Actual Hours must be equal to or greater than Negotiated Hours. The reason is even, if you work less hours than the negotiated hours, you will still get paid for the full day (unless otherwise noted in your deal memo).

Day Rate:

Actual Hours Worked:

Negotiated Hours:

Hourly (base)

Hourly (OT)

Hourly (DT)

Hourly (TT)

  • Base: base rate w/ no overages
  • OT: overtime at 1.5x
  • DT: double-time at 2x
  • TT: triple-time at 3x

Total Hours (at base)

Total Hours (OT)

Total Hours (DT)

Total Hours (TT)

Total Base Day Rate

Total OT Day Rate

Total DT Day Rate

Total TT Day Rate


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