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Vol VI: Your First Labor Invoice

Posted on: September 11, 2018

First of all, CONGRATS! You've completed your first job and now you're ready to get paid! For many of you this will be the first invoice you've ever made and you may be a bit confused about what is necessary. This article will take you through the critical elements of your invoice, including an interactive sample invoice illustrating each section. Currently, I use Google Docs to generate all of my labor invoices. For an in-depth look at building your invoice using Google Drive, please check out this article from my series: Freelancer's Guide to Google Drive: Building Your Labor Invoice…

Vol II: Essential Qualities of a Successful Production Assistant

Posted on: September 9, 2018

In this article we’re going to expand on the essential qualities and skills you should already have in order to be a successful PA. “Now wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “Why does an entry-level position require skills?” Any starting position requires that you have basic skills and qualities in order to succeed. For example, if you are mathematically-inclined, you might find success in finance. Similarly, if you have an eye for color and textures, you could do very well in styling or design. Production is no different and definitely requires a specific type of personality and skill set…

Elle Bulgaria

Posted on: September 3, 2018

Elle Bulgaria editorial shot by Joseph Chen

Elle Bulgaria Production Coordinator Producer: The Sagami Group, LLC Photographer: Joseph Chen Location: Upstate New York

Peter Augustin – B&W

Posted on: September 3, 2018

Editorial: Black & White by Peter Augustin

"B & W" by Peter Augustin On Set Producer Producer: The Sagami Group, LLC Photographer: Peter Augustin Location: Los Angeles, CA


Posted on: September 3, 2018

Haute Look: Spring E-Commerce

HauteLook Production Coordinator Producer: The Sagami Group, LLC Photographer: Brian Schroeder Location: Pasadena, CA

The Only Production Rate Calculator You’ll Ever Need

Posted on: August 18, 2018

Disclaimer: This production rate calculator is designed to calculate hourly rates and should be used as a guide only. Please double check results. This tool does not warrant any official or legal validity in any capacity and should not be treated as such. Thank you. Hourly & Overtime Production Rate Calculator As a Producer, you have to be very comfortable with numbers - especially financial ones. A common mistake I see a lot is the calculation of hourly rates. Productions are generally based on either a 10 or 12 hour day. So, to find your hourly rate, you just divide…

The 5 Pixar Moments that Ruined Your Life

Posted on: August 14, 2018

There are a lot of articles online that rank Pixar's saddest moments. Some almost get it right, while others are practically fake news. Here's the definitive guide to the 5 Pixar moments that will absolutely ruin you forever: 5. Monsters, Inc. Sulley leaves Boo Having to explain loss to a small child is difficult, but watching it unfold can be worse. Pixar's Monsters, Inc. does exactly that in the final scene showing a touching goodbye between Boo and Sulley, the monster originally assigned to scare her. Through the course of their adventures together, they develop a strong and lasting bond,…

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